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3 days ago

?????? ??? ?? ???? ?????Hi All theory:as shown on picture (illustrative) 1) you automatically set step points.2) ...
If you change the base currency of your account, will you be able to generate reports back in time with old trades translated into the new base currency?  
I tried to to buy 1 Apr SPX 1300 put and getting an error message that I have insufficient margin. The message indicates that the margin will increase by 53,985 (see attached im...
Hi, I have been in forex world since 2006. I enjoy to trade with the Australian broker like Pepperstone. But this midMay Pepperstone will no longer accept the canadians trade...
Hi there, I am pretty sure that I am not the only one who is looking for a good answer to this. Many brokers out there has already stopped taking any more US or Canadian clie...
Hello everyone,please i need a way/settings to get this type of MACD(Two Lines) on my MT4 platform on mobileit's the default MACD on Tradingview, i just get rid of the histo...
Attached File StrategyTester.pdf   836 KB | 256 downloads Attached File #SURFER.ex4   422 KB | 94 downloads
I do not believe in placing hard stop loss on chart,i do have mental stops when and wherever i can be present in front of many times the trades go against us but i h...
Any naked put traders out there that can recommend an online broker to trade with? Running into all sorts of issues with Merrill Edge and their margin calculations. There syst...
Has anyone had a live trading account with They are FCA regulated and their spreads look good.

4 days ago

volatile or "fast" pairs are: GBPAUD, GBPNZD, GBPCAD, GBPJPY, EURRJPY, EURCAD, EURNZD, EURAUD Lot Design: the lots should be calculated to guarantee a profit of 1% for each 1...
Does anyone has an account with Mtrading?What are your experiences?Do you experience problem in withdrawals?Is this Mtrading regulated to operate at standards?Any Pilipi...
Dear everyone:Please suggest me an reliable & good online broker regular / discount broker with low brokerage &who allows trading on (nse & bse) and offers speed...
Does anyone know a broker that offers Trade Ideas at a discount?Scott Trade offered it for $15 but that is going away.  
Hi I need BSE Stock Price List in Electronic form (Excel, CSV format), so that I can use it with my portfolio in MS Excel. Where can I get it? (pref. free of cost) I d...
Hi everybody,I suggest you check this add-on for the MT4, called Zooxer.This add-on (built as an Indicator for the MT4) shows relevant and important information on the M...
I'm looking for a trailing stop ea by bollinger band for mt4 last build. buy= follow lower bb band. sell reverse. Is there any good one here? If you do then it would be of great...
Is there any existing indicator out there that can post the current swap rates for every pair on one chart, or is it possible that someone can make something like that?
At the moment if I want to open a credit spread on AAPL by selling a Put at 155 and buying at 150 that has about a 28% chance of being in the money. So this will be VALUE if the...

5 days ago

Ib has a market signals screen that is supposed to show movers in real time. Problem is it regularly spews blasts of total nonsense. Guess no one is looking  
I am looking for a new broker for trading equity index futures. My main requirements are stability, accurate timely quotes and executions, low day trading margins, low fixed mo...
I want to open a cooperate FOREX account with a reliable broker that accepts webmoney and perfect money deposit and withdrawal. Please suggest if you know/are using any. Thanks
This is a thread to share your custom settings. You can give the name to the indicators and share your custom settings and any tips you have for trading with it. Attach a screen...

6 days ago

Hi everybodyi leave here an ea that from backtesting seems profitable, i took it from traders union website; i need your help to understand the settings especially what is the...
Hello there, a complete Forex beginner here! Please would you be able to recommend good brokers in UK? Of course, I'm firstly interested in a user friendly demo account.I re...
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