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APB based indicator Trading using TDIZ & Spuds Stochastic

Trading Systems @ Forex Factory -
This thread is not like any other common system thread setup here.... This is for those who uses my modified, created or fused indicators that I shared here at FF. In order for them to share their trading success stories, chart screenshots, new knowledge & ideas, and newly discovered strategy or method using these type of indicators.

General Trading & Thread Rules:

- Use Common Sense

- Power of Keen Observation.

- Apply your gained knowledge of using TDI over the years <<< If first time user, visit this thread's indicator development journal here.

- You may use other indicators that I modified or fused with APB calculation beside from the Traders Dynamic Index & Zones - RSI MTF and Spuds Stochastic Thread Theory MTF.

- Apply your gained knowledge of using Spuds Stochastic Thread Theory over the years <<< If first time user, visit the original thread by Spudfyre or download the document reference >>> here

- Beside from being APB based indicators, most of them are sloped based. You may start observing the slope color change among these APB indicators to start your technical analysis. Find confluence(s) with trading rules you have learned using TDI and Spud's Stochastic Thread Theory.

- Since these are just the general thread & trading rules, I advised you to post your chart here with at least a bit information on how you come up with your informed trade decision(s) while using this APB based indicators. Therefore, you are not limited when it comes in how you trade successfully with these indicators. Doing so, we will learn from each other's trade

- As always, don't trade by just simply relying on APB indicators alone. You must use your tried & tested Price Action Method/Strategy, Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis.

- You may change the template's look & feel with your own liking, as long as you don't share any other indicators with it... It means, do NOT upload or share a link(s) to download any other indicator(s) and template(s) other than what I've shared here or from my indicator development thread. Shared chart/template exemptions without sharing other indicators:

- You can add your own ADR, ATR , Bar clock, and Pip Counter indicators

- EA based trade management tool ==========================================================================================================

- Warning: If you uploaded or shared any other indicator(s) and template(s) from this thread, you will be BLOCKED accordingly. ==========================================================================================================

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Basic template:

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>>> To learn more about these APB based indicators, please visit my Indicator Development Journal FF thread >>> HERE

Now, let's trade with this system with our common approach, and "do it uncommonly well...." Henry J. Heinz
Date: Jun 17, 2017   

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