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Russel Waves. Trading the way Nature flows.

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Posting here because there is now a free download of the first 2.5 waves which is more than enough to trade successfully with. I want to see how these wave evolve through different styles of trading. Please download here: Attached File Russell Waves free.pdf   177 KB | 58 downloads

Russell Waves are what I feel an evolution beyond Fibonacci and Elliot Waves, closer to a natural vibrational wave. The key to using them is to know where to place them and that's what has taken years to figure out. They are an invention of my own, inspired from the works of Walter Russell.

Having studied Martin Cole and Steve Mauro, it made sense to project them from the Accumulation Phase. I specifically target the Accumulation Phase for the Week which is the Initial Balance for the Week, the high and low of the first eight hours of the Week or the first two 4h bars of the Week.

Market Makers will use this initial spread as the Psychological high/ low for the week. If you can imagine an Accumulation Phase as the compression side of the wave, out of this is projected Psychological Support and Resistance. These Russell Waves, called after the genius Walter Russell, reveal the expansion side of the wave. To get more of an idea I suggest researching Walter Russell's Cube Sphere Universe. Below is a pic of how the waves interact with each other on the chart. (My original design for the waves.)

Each wave starts at the balance point or %50 of the previous wave. There are 3 frequencies of sqrt 2, 3 and Golden Mean.

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Best explained in the video. Start at 7:35?? if you want to skip the theory.

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There are many other videos on my channel where I go over my analysis. I will be posting my trades, kind of like a journal in order to improve my trading and would love others to start trading with them. Hopefully your mind is blown as is mine every time I use them.
Date: May 31, 2017   

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