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Keybinding in MT4

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I wanna know if there is a way to keybind specific things to my keyboard (doesn't matter if it's a 3rd party program). This is simply so I can switch between charts, Timeframes, ect. faster.And for the various people that will wonder why I'm so lazy to just click on it: My life is extremely busy currently and I'm also a past gamer who knows how to use the keyboard VERY well, which made me hate mouses.

Example: Every time I press the F1 button on my keyboard EURUSD chart comes up.

Things I wanna be able to keybind to my keyboard:

- Timeframes

- Currency pairs (doesn't have to be specific. Can be currency pair tab appointed).

- Terminal

- Indicators

- Vertical Line

- Horizontal Line

- Trend Line

- Rectangle

- Text

- Arrows I will seriously love you FOREVER if you can do this for me!!
Date: Nov 6, 2013   

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