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Stealth Trailing

Platform Tech @ Forex Factory -
Maybe my script will be useful to someone. It has 2 functions trailing: classic trailing and hidden trailing.

Hidden trailing does not use StopLoss to close the order. It closes the order if the price has crossed the mark set by you and returned back. You can set pips by pips trailing if you want.

TrailingStop = 11; // Activate the classic trailing

TSstep = 3; // step of the classic traling

StopLoss = 15; // auto set stop loss after creat order

SoftTSPips = 5; // Set the Stealth Trailing in pips

SoftTSNoLoss = 4; // Close the order after the price come back (in pips)

Any help much appreciated.

P.S. Sorry for my english
Date: Sep 6, 2013   

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