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Cancelled Cable TV Service Today... [Downsized cable service

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Well not in its entirety. After finally getting fed up with the cable company's high cost, I finally decided to call and asked about a lower plan. After hearing the rep's dismay and shock that someone can actually survive without cable tv service, I was rudely informed that I was already at the lowest priced plan. Our current bill is $195 per month for both TV and Internet, no premium channels. After a few rounds of her attempting to sell me more services including a home phone, I asked to speak to her supervisor. I dropped my service to Basic Service and kept my 50/50 internet service bringing my bill to 89.95 after tax. I will be returning the 3 TV boxes tomorrow and will use the TV for running. I am able to get over 50 channels(some repeats) under this service. We have Netflix and Amazon Prime which is more content than we need. I made sure to go into my banks site to increase the monthly transfer to Our Fidelity' account. I'd much rather save that $105. May eventually cancel the entire tv plan and just keep internet.

Anyone else downsized their cable tv service ?
Date: Jun 19, 2017   

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