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Don't pay full price for cable TV

Bogleheads • View forum - Personal Consumer Issues -
OK, I know this isn't a great insight on my part, and I know it's been said before on this forum, but it pays to call the cable company and tell them you want to cancel service. I called the local cable company this morning and told them I'd identified a lower-cost alternative (which I had: an OTA antenna for broadcast stations, and Sling TV for sports). They made me an offer, which I accepted; it cuts my internet + cable bill from $160 a month to about $100. This new rate is good for a year, after which I expect to call them again and hopefully get another good deal.

I post this in hopes of inspiring y'all, especially newbies, to call your local cable company and get a better deal...
Date: Feb 28, 2017   

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