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Sling TV experiences

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After a recent price increase by my cable provider and only partially successful negotiations to have them lower the price, I am seriously considering dropping my cable service entirely. My plan is to switch to Sling TV ($20/month) for the few cable channels offered and pulling network channels over the air for free. I just heard that Dish is offering an Amazon Fire stick for free or a reduced price for a fire TV box if you pre-pay 3 months of service. I have a relatively slow internet download speed of 5mbps (I'm frugal ). I believe that this should be sufficient but would love to hear experiences from people in the field. I would really love to drop pay for TV entirely to limit my TV consumption and expenditures, but this is the compromise I made with my wife who enjoys TV.

Has anyone made the switch to Sling and is willing to share their experiences so far?

Is so, do you also mind sharing your internet speed and if this has any impact on picture quality?

Date: May 31, 2015   

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