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How to put your primary residence in your living trust?

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A friend in another state put his house in a DIY living trust, but when talking to him, there was no paperwork filed (i.e. he thought just listing it in the trust was enough).

My lawyer filed the paperwork for me (all I needed to do was send him a check for the fee), so I'm not sure what the process is.

Can someone advise on how this is done by mail when you're doing it on your own?

Is there a form that has to be notarized and sent to the country recorder (I'm guessing that serves as proof you are who you say you are), along with a check for the fee? Or maybe a copy of the cover page of the trust has to be notarized and sent?

Will most estate lawyers file this paperwork for a small fee, or will they only file for a trust they prepared? I was thinking this might be the easiest for him (i.e. just find any random, nearby estate lawyer online) if it's typically only 30 bucks or so.
Date: Jun 19, 2017   

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