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Revocable living trust via online software

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Years ago I set up a revocable living trust using software that came bundled with Quicken WillMaker (I think it was all free, or very cheap, if my memory serves me well).

I never added my primary residence to the trust (yes, I know, stupid....basically I was just lazy and putting it off). Also a rental property in Florida, though I think I will probably sell that within the near future.

My trust is very simple, the purpose of which is primarily to avoid any potential Massachusetts estate taxes. Basically, as things stand today, I am leaving everything to my daughter.

Now that I am older and maybe wiser, I was thinking that I should perhaps bite the bullet and pay an attorney to review this document and advise me as to whether it is adequate, and if not what I need to do (or the lawyer needs to do) about it.

So advice:

1. Do you think this is necessary?

2. Can I do this easily on my own (including the part of adding the real estate to the trust)? Or is it important that I hire a lawyer?

3. If I do hire a lawyer, and assuming the existing document is valid (I assume it is since I followed all instructions in the software), how should I go about choosing one, and what would be reasonable expected compensation?
Date: Apr 12, 2017   

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