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Medicare Advantage to T Medicare plus supplement

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There have been a number of threads on this board discussing that once you select a Medicare Advantage Plan that there are only a few instances where if you want to go back to Traditional Medicare that you have a guaranteed issue right to buy a Medigap supplement. Without that right, Medigap insurers are free to medically underwrite you and deny coverage.

I just spoke to a sales representative with BCBS of NC and ask him about the underwriting procedure. It essentially consists of about 20 medical questions starting with "in the last 24 months have you been diagnosed or treated for cancer (except skin cancer), Parkinson's, alzheimer's, etc. I was able to answer no to all the underwriting questions and was told that was all there was to the process.

I was a little surprised that it was that simple. My conclusion is if you are relatively healthy going from a Medicare Advantage Plan to Traditional Medicare plus a supplement may not be a problem. On the other hand is do have one of the 20 or so aliments they read off, you will probably be denied a Medigap Supplement

Just FYI.

Date: Oct 9, 2014   

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